Choose-Your-Own Novel Month

Choose-Your-own novel Month


 I've moved a lot of the info here to my new site, Inky Path. I'm keeping this up for informational purposes, but expect to see updates on interactive fiction games, contests, and creation on the new site. Check it out here:


Are you a fan of choose-your-own adventure books? Ever wanted to try your hand at writing one? Or maybe you have an old story abandoned somewhere? Well here's an excuse for finishing (or starting) that choose-your-adventure story: this January is now proclaimed as choose-your-own novel month, 31 days to get an awesome choose-your-own-adventure story written! It's something that few people can say they've done!

This site is dedicated to each individual creating one finished text-based story or game. It doesn't matter what length, all you need is a finished product by the end of January! These include both choose-your-own-adventure games and interactive fiction.


 There are plenty of sites there you can make (and play) tons of text-based games. I'll list them briefly here, but I'll put lots more information on the pros and cons of each medium in the forums. 


Are you sitting there wondering what all this about interactive fiction and text adventure and everything is? Want to know more about the basics of the medium? Go to the FAQ.


Choose Your Own Adventure Websites 

Choice-Of Games

A great place to get inspired about big choose-your-own-adventure projects. Their games are long and they manage to use the medium to its fullest.  Visit here to play their games, and here to play user-made games and learn about making your own! This method does involve a little bit of coding but has much help and support.


One of my personal favorites, Twine is a way to develop a choose-your-own-adventure game more visually, with a flowchart-like schematic of the game. With a few short video tutorials you can be making a stylish new game in no time!


Inkle is relatively new to the interactive fiction world, yet they're making a powerful impact with their works, including a choose-your-own-adventure-style remake of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. They have released an online CYOA editor, as well as hosting competitions for CYOA stories intermittently.  

AXMA Story Maker

This program is startlingly similar to Twine. It has many of the same functions and even the same appearance. While Twine has become something of a community project, with bug fixes made by dedicated users when they have time, this program is sponsored by a company. Still, a deal-breaker for many is AXMA's declaration that the user is not allowed to edit the HTML. 

Choose Your Story

A nifty site that is heavily community driven. it offers fairly simple controls and tutorials to build relatively powerful choose-your-own-adventure games. There are all sorts of user-inspired games here to play as well.

Choose Your Own Adventure

A site that manages to live up to its name, this is an open wiki to develop choose-your-own-adventure games. You can either create a closed game of contribute to those of other users. Needless to say, there are many you can play on the site as well!


 Text-Adventure Websites

The Interactive Fiction Database

 This is one of the best places to start looking for text adventure games that you might enjoy. You can search for tags that you like, or look at (or start) a poll for a topic you like. Users will post games that have the same topic. 


My personal favorite when it comes to writing text-adventures. It tries to stick to conventional English rules, so you won't have to be doing a lot of coding to get a game started. It also has many examples and codes and full documentation, so you're not lost as soon as you download it!


Tads is another program for writing text-adventures, and although it's less intuitive than Inform some would say it's better. It does involve more coding, though, so choose it if you don't mind that.


Quest doesn't have the extensive complexity of Inform, nor the heavy coding of Tads, and as a result is much easier to learn quickly. Despite this you do lose some features that more advanced writers might want to employ.



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