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Writing a choose-your-own-adventure story

  1. Choose-Your-Own-Adventure? Interactive Fiction? What is all this stuff?

    A piece of interactive fiction is an attempt to create a story that goes beyond the traditional conventions of storytelling. Instead of the reader being an impassive observer of the events of the story the reader becomes a part of that story, making choices along the way and possibly even affecting the ending of the tale. Traditionally these stories are told in the second-person point of view (ex. You walk to the river, you flip open your cellphone, etc.). Originally they started off in a book form, but are now mainly seen on the web.


    Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games are those where the reader is given a set of options, and must choose from those options. This choice can affect anything: personality, the location he goes to, even a way to get past a tricky situation. 

    Text-Based Adventure

    Although not around as long as the choose-your-own-adventure genre, these games are heavily reminiscent of the very first computer games in existence. They consist of text on a screen. The player must type in commands and (hopefully) performs the command in the game. it would go something like this:


    You pick up the apple. It looks delicious.


    You eat the apple. It was even better than it looked!

    The player has much more control in this medium, but this means that the writer has to accomodate for much more, especially as the game gets larger and more complex. If this is your first time writing in this genre I would recommend starting simple.

    Still confused? Click here for an example of a choose-your-own-adventure story (it's also the "An Example' tab up top)

  2. Do I have a word count/page number goal?

    All that is required is that you finish a story, and that the reader can make at least one choice in the story that will affect the outcome. Feel free to set personal word goals or challenge others, but I think you'll find once you start developing choices the story will carry itself along.

  3. I have no idea where to begin. I've never written a choose-your-own-adventure story and don't know how to start.

    Need help deciding how much to plan? Having difficulty just starting it out? Don't know how to maintain control over the story? Check out the forums here for some advice.

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